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=====**World of Arch**=====
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**World of Arch - a retro RPG**
No user Registration allowed yet. Full bugfixed version 2.41 was released in May 2012 and it's free.
A Linux version is still in plans!
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{{image url="images/worldofarch.png" title="The image of the original vision" alt=""}}

==Arch Monsters and World of Arch are copyrighted by [[ Finity Games]]==

====World of Arch has brilliant features for a strategic Fantasy RPG====

+ The full version 2.41 is free, small installer (6Mb), loads fast
+ Clear and simple "retro-style" graphics, music and sounds
+ Fully playable on keyboard only, mouse only or both
+ Several Gamemodes and mission types such as Castle Defence, Kill Zone and Classic story-based RPG
+ Lively Gameworld, campaigns from tiny to utterly huge
+ Enemies, NPC's, allies and politics
+ Advanced control of troops

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