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The game is still under testing period. There are two pdf files in the program directory. A short World of Arch Manual and FAQ: First Days of Survival. Play the game in your own risk! Finity Games is not liable for any damages or losses if any ever occurs.

Available Windows (XP,Vista,7) Executables:

World of Arch 2.4 latest version:
Download WoA241.exe
Most of the Arch Dungeon Campaign bugs fixed. Includes more music! This is a full free version of the game.

PDF files:
These two pdf files are in the full version installation package. You can download them separately as well.
Download/Open FirstDaysOfSurvivalFAQ.pdf : Read this if you are new to the game!
Download/Open WorldOfArchManual.pdf

This is a free game! Several years of development. Boost it up!

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